American Standard Circuits Installs New Vega CNC Equipment

July 21, 2021

American Standard Circuits has added a new VEGA Ultra R6DL series PCB blind routing machine to their growing line up of advanced equipment.

The specialized routing equipment is X/Y/Z axis driven by high-performance linear motor with blind routing function making it suitable for large panel depth-controlled routing. It can also handle all materials including aluminum and other metals with pin-point accuracy.

The Vega features a Sieb-Meyer controller CNC84 which is extremely versatile and provides a  significant number of built in and easy to employ functions for drilling and routing. It allows for “I” values – identifies up to 100 different tools of the same diameter.  It defines the location within the resident inventory and the material specific parameters to be used which is required for CAM driven, process specific programs that define all the operations information, eliminating the need for decisions to be made on the production floor.  This method of process control eliminates process variations from shift-to-shift and from order-to-order.

“This equipment allows us to accurately rout all of the special materials we are using for our advanced technologies, particularly RF and metal-backed products,” commented President Anaya Vardya when making this announcement. “This acquisition truly represents ASC’s intention to equip their factory with high technology products for customers who are developing and building products of the future.”