American Standard Circuits Installs HIOKI Testers

April 19, 2021

American Standard Circuits has recently purchased and installed two HIOKI electrical testers, including the 1116-74 and 1270 models.

Anaya Vardya, ASC president and CEO, said regarding the new machines, “As the demand for HDI microvia work rises, it is important that we invest in equipment that is designed for testing this advanced technology. After doing a study of all products available on the market today we felt that HIOKI products would be the best solution to fit our needs.”

The HIOKI 1116-74 model provides high-speed pattern testing using the capacitance measurement method, an approach that features dramatically fewer test steps and shorter test times than the continuity test method. There is no limit on substrate material and can be used to test plastic, ceramic, flexible and LCD glass boards, which gives ASC a wealthy of versatility.

The HIOKI 1270 model provides high speed testing as fast as 0.012 second/step flying probe testing and features exceptional cost performance. It measures the minute resistance values of both interstitial via holes and through holes.

Continued Mr. Vardya, “The addition of these two testers takes us to a higher level when it comes to our ability to not just test, but to test more features, with greater accuracy, speed and efficiency.”