American Standard Circuits Acquires Orbotech Ultra Dimension 800

June 18, 2021

West Chicago-based PCB fabricator American Standard Circuits has recently invested in Orbotech’s Ultra Dimension 800 4-in-1 AOI solution.

The Ultra Dimension 800 has the ability to perform both pattern and laser via inspection in a single scan. It also provides more intense inspection capability down to 10um (.4 mil) line and space which is important for the support of advanced HDI customers, as well as the finer geometries achieved with the Averatek process.  By using state of the art artificial intelligence, this equipment smartly reduces false alarm rates.

“This equipment, combined with the Averatek process, literally brings our company to the cutting edge of technology,” stated ASC president, Anaya Vardya. “We feel that this is one of the best and most important investments we have made this year when it comes to equipment that will take us to the next level. We are pleased to now be able to offer our customers this type of technology.”