American Standard Circuits Acquires Orbotech Precise 800

June 28, 2021

The Orbotech Precise 800 has the ability to laser ablate shorts and other excess metal defects down to 25 um (1 mil) lines and spaces.  Laser ablation is performed using the defects of AOI and CAM data, ultimately providing superior quality and high accuracy of advanced HDI applications, improving yields and supporting on time delivery. It also eliminates the risks associated with manual repair such as removing excess copper with an Exacto knife.

Commenting on this latest equipment acquisition, president and CEO Anaya Vardya said, “The addition of the Precise 800, which complements the Ultra dimension 800, is a great addition to our technological capabilities. As ASC becomes more involved in producing the high technology PCBs, equipment like these two pieces is required to increase our efficiencies, as well as our capabilities, in order to services those customers involved in technologies of the future.”