American Standard Circuits continues to grow in many ways. First, it looks like we are experiencing another growth year in terms of customer acquisition. While 2018 was a banner year for sales growth, 2019 is on a path to exceed last year’s sales.  We do not take this success lightly and know how important it is to not only listen to our customers, but more importantly to HEAR them.  We hear you loud and clear.

When you asked us to increase our flex and rigid-flex capabilities, we committed to doing what needed to be done to make that happen and since last year our flex and rigid-flex production is up substantially. When you told us that not only did you need more flex and rigid-flex, but that you needed them to be fast, we heard you and now offer quick turn flex PCBs in just ten days. Other things our customers wanted included FaradFlex PCBs, UL for Megtron 4 and Megtron 6 laminate types, and more accurate drilling and routing capabilities and we now provide all of these capabilities.  And finally, we heard you when you said you needed ASC to be qualified for the Automotive Specification IATF16949 and are pleased to announce that we will have gained this certification by summer’s end.  When we communicate as a team, we both win in the end.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Anaya Vardya
CEO, American Standard Circuits


Ask the ASC Expert: Key parameters for RF material selection

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Standard of Excellence: Four Tips on Listening to Your PCB Suppliers

Once you have done your due diligence, have developed a strong working partnership with your PCB suppliers, and now feel confident that those suppliers are the right ones, the next step is to recognize that your PCB suppliers are indeed the true experts, and that you can trust them enough to listen to them. Here are four tips on listening to and learning from your suppliers to ensure that you have the best PCB value that money can buy.

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Buy Based on Value, Not Price

There are only two ways to buy PCBs; the first is based on price, which is the wrong way because it encourages a very shallow relationship based on just one thing—the price of the boards; and the second, and right, is based on value. A great company should understand what it means to buy value.

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Standard of Excellence: Keep Your PCB Supplier Sharp

The best way to create a solid and productive partnership with your PCB supplier—and all of your suppliers for that matter—is to keep an open line of communication with them. No matter what kind of relationship you currently have with your suppliers, you can never communicate enough. Let them know at all times what you need from them.

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ASC News
American Standard Now Offers FaradFlex PCBs
cal-blueendar June 3, 2019
American Standard Circuits is now offering printed circuit boards built with Oak-Mitsui’s FaradFlex, the world’s leading ultra-thin laminate for embedded capacitance technology in PCBs, modules, and packaging substrates. Full Story
American Standard Wins U.L. Certification for MEGTRON 4 and 6 Laminates
cal-blueendar May 30, 2019
The Megtron laminates are used when low loss dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation, as well as heat resistance are required. Full Story
American Standard Offers Quick Turn Flex and Rigid-flex PCBs
cal-blueendar April 19, 2018
ASC President Anaya Vardya commented on the new services, “We are very pleased to now be able to offer this service. Over the past few years so many of our customers expressed a growing need for QTA (quick turn-around) that we made the decision to focus our energy on making QTA flex and rigid-flex boards a reality." Full Story
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