It has been a busy summer here at American Standard Circuits so there is a lot to report in this edition of our newsletter. One of the highlights is the interview that our company owner Gordhan Patel did with I-Connect007’s Patty Goldman in which he expresses optimism for the future of our industry. I urge you to take the time to read it. Our long-time vice president of operations Dave Olson has transitioned to a role as senior adviser for the company, while veteran ASC employee Mohammed Khan has been promoted to director of operations. This shift came as part of our succession planning. We are certain he will do a great job for us and most importantly for you, our customers. I also had several columns published on what to look for when selecting a PCB partner to ensure a perfect match.

Our two micro eBooks have been well received, with both of them having over 2000 registered downloads. Make sure to download your free copy if you haven’t already (see links below).

And of course, we continue with our ongoing journey to always improve our service by investing in new equipment, including a new scoring machine, our third, and a new hot roll laminator.

Finally, we hope to see you at some of the shows we are exhibiting at during the remainder of this year, including European Microwave week which will be held in Spain this year. As always, we thank you for your business.


Anaya Vardya
CEO, American Standard Circuits


An Owner’s Positive Take on IMPACT 2018: American Standard Circuits’ Founder & Chairman Gordhan Patel

During a full day at IMPACT 2018, I-Connect007's Patty Goldman spoke with American Standard Circuits’ founder and chairman Gordhan Patel after listening to several speakers from the departments of Defense and Education, and the International Trade Administration.read more



Making Your PCB Fabricator Your PCB Partner

Many of our customers are now developing products (rocket ships, electric cars, super LED lighting, cloud memory stations, and more) that are so advanced, they have a difficult time sourcing the right PCBs to fit into these products. With that in mind, here are six guidelines from the board fabricators point of view for making your PCB vendor your PCB partner...

read more


Material Selection: The Key to RF/Microwave Success

When discussing the right choice for materials, today’s design engineers are more knowledgeable than during the early years of radio frequency (RF) PCB technology. At that time, only a couple types of low-loss Teflon® materials existed. Today, dozens of controlled dielectric constant (Dk) and low-loss materials are available on the market.

read more


Preparing for the Future with the Right Supplier

Is your PCB supplier ready to take you into the future? Sure, they are doing a good job today, but what about tomorrow? What will happen when new designs require boards to be made with thermal or RF materials, or have lines widths down to two mils?

read more
ASC News
American Standard Installs Hitachi Drill
cal-blueendar August 20, 2018
American Standard Circuits has recently acquired and installed a Hitachi Drill Model ND-6Y210E. The Hitachi ND-Y series demonstrates high-speed and high-precision drilling powered by an advanced servo system.  Full Story
American Standard Circuits Appoints Mohammed Khan Director of Operations
cal-blueendar July 16, 2018
American Standard Circuits has recently appointment Mohammed Khan to the position of director of operations. In this new position Mr. Khan will be overseeing all production, engineering and quality operations for the West Chicago based PCB fabricator. Full Story
American Standard Circuits Acquires Accusystems V-Scoring Machine
cal-blueendar May 23, 2018
CEO and president Anaya Vardya said, “Since our metal backed business is steadily growing this was a much-needed acquisition for American Standard Circuits. The new machine is at least 50% more productive than our current Accu-Score machine which allows us to speed up production tremendously.” Full Story
American Standard Circuits Installs Comac HRL-24-S Hot Roll Laminator
cal-blueendar May 17, 2018
The Comac HRL-24S is one of the most advanced hot roll laminators in the industry. The HRL-24S applies fine-line dry-film etch and plating resists for the fabrication of printed circuits boards and FPC flexible circuits. Full Story
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