American Standard Now Offers PCBs Up to 0.5 Inches in Thickness

December 11, 2019

Mr. Anaya Vardya, President and CEO of American Standard Circuits, announced recently that his company is now offering PCBs up to one half inch in thickness.

This technology is especially important to customers who are producing high voltage printed circuit boards, as well as those requiring heat dissipation. Very few companies are currently producing one half inch thick boards, even with the growing need, which is one of the reasons American Standard Circuits developed the process for handling them.

Mr. Vardya said, “With the need for thicker boards growing within the industry we felt it was important to add that to our extended portfolio of high technology capabilities. One of our philosophies at American Standard Circuits is to always find a way to fabricate hard to find PCBs for our customers with special needs. Building these thick boards is another example of why we consider ourselves in ‘the customer business’ and always dedicated to finding a way to meet all of their needs.”