American Standard Circuits’ New Book Covers Thermal Management From a Fabricator’s Perspective

September 11, 2020


I-Connect007 tech editor and columnist Dan Beaulieu had the opportunity to speak with Anaya Vardya, president and CEO of American Standard Circuits, about The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to…Thermal Management: A Fabricator’s Perspective, which serves as a desk reference for designers on the most current thermal management techniques and methods.

Dan Beaulieu: I just finished reading your new book, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I loved the idea that it is from the fabricator’s point of view, showing the various processes for building thermal management PCBs. With that in mind, why did you write this book on thermal management, and why now?

Anaya Vardya: We have watched with interest as our business for thermal-related PCBs has grown. We have been in this segment of the market for years, doing everything from using the special thermal materials to metal-backed heat sink-type boards. It is definitely a growing market with increased interest. This made us feel it was the right time to provide this book.

Beaulieu: What was your goal in writing this book?

Vardya: Primarily, we wanted to educate our readership when it comes to the various PCB thermal technologies available today. We feel that if we can contribute to the education of our customers, especially the engineers and designers, everything will run more smoothly. We wanted to give our customers insight into what it takes to build a thermal board. In short, the more our customers know about our PCB technology, the better we can work together in the end. We discuss design rules associated with the various different thermal management techniques.

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