American Standard Circuits Launches New Website

April 25, 2016

ASC_site2016.jpgAnaya Vardya, CEO of American Standard Circuits, has announced that his company recently launched a new website.

The ASC website has retained the same URL but has been drastically redesigned from the ground up and features a responsive, mobile-friendly framework for desktop, tablet and phone viewing.

“Our goal with this new website is to make it the most valuable and user friendly website available to our customers,” commented Vardya.

The rebuild breaks down the website into specific technology sections rather than generalizing ASC’s capabilities under one universal overview.  With this division, users are able to pinpoint information about the exact technology they are interested in as well as getting personalized assistance from American Standards’ elite team of experts.  Mr. Vardya stated, “The inclusion of “Expert pages” gives our customers easy access to our specialists when they need to learn more about unique technologies such as flex/rigid-flex, RF/microwave and metal-backed printed circuit boards.” 

Vardya continued, “Our extended goal was to create what we are calling a “living site” by which we mean that ASC will continually make improvements by adding tips, tools and technical information as we go. We want an interactive website where our customers will be able to discuss with both our team member and each other.”

Finally, the site will be tied into the company’s social media so that followers can be transported to the appropriate section of the site on demand, creating a seamless connection to the information they require.