American Standard Circuits Installs Lenz DLG 550-2 Drilling Equipment

February 21, 2019

American Standard Circuits has acquired two new pieces of Lenz equipment one of which is the DLG 550-2 drill machine.

“The DLG 550 is a great piece of equipment for us at American Standard Circuits because It gives us the capability to manufacture drilled micro vias down to 4 mils and improves our back drilling capability. It improves registration capability with its camera-based location and scaling optimization. This machine is equipped with full automation for round the clock operation and is one of the fastest drill machines available today. With these attributes, the equipment will allow us to not only drastically increase our technology level but also speed up our overall fabrication process. These improvements will allow us to better service our customers today and in the future,” said Anaya Vardya, president and CEO of American Standard Circuits.