American Standard Circuits Enhances Via Fill Capabilities with Double Systems

June 23, 2016

Anaya Vardya, CEO of American Standard Circuits, has announced that his company recently enhanced their Via Fill capabilities with the installation of a MASS VHF300 Horizontal Hole Filling system with full chamber vacuum capability, accompanied by a MASS ES10 double sided Scavenger unit.

This unit gives ASC the capability of doing both conductive and non-conductive via fill including the ability to plug high aspect ratio holes and blind vias.

“The demand for via fill in terms of technology and volume requirements has steadily been increasing. It was essential that we upgrade our existing processes in order to better fulfill the growing requirements of our customers for higher technology. We put a great deal of focus on  making sure all our customers’ needs, both present and future, are met so we have invested over two million dollars in the past 18 months on new and vital equipment acquisitions to do just that and we’re just getting started. Our plan is to be one of the leading high tech PCB fabricators in North America,” stated Mr. Vardya when making the announcement.