American Standard Circuits Acquires New Pluritec X-Ray Drill Machine

May 11, 2016


American Standard Circuits recently acquired a new INSPECTA HPL dual-station X-Ray drill machine from Pluritec.

The INSPECTA HPL X-Ray drill machine provides a wide range of configurations allowing American Standard Circuits to have Pluritec's standard unique X-Ray feature as well as an ultra-high precision two-station drilling/routing machine all within the same unit. The unit's ability to drill down to 0.004" holes as well as utilize surface targets via CCD make this machine uniquely qualified for today's demanding requirements. The maximum versatility of X-Ray, surface targets and contact drilling, combined with a large working area make the new machine a great asset for processing multilayer products.

The machine's patented One Step X-Ray Drilling & Routing function will allow ASC to process a multilayer panel in one step only. The machine will detect and measure (via the X-Ray system) the reference targets in order to directly compensate (rotation, offset and possible scaling) the measured deformation as well as direct drilling/routing. These unique features will provide very high drilling/routing accuracy.

"This equipment combined with the other major investments we have made in the past year allow us to offer even higher technology printed circuit boards. The increased imaging sensitivity and resolution of this machine will allow us to process the high layer count and unique material set multilayer boards our customers require," said Anaya Vardya, CEO of American Standard Circuits. "A full range drilling capabilities, improved X-Ray feature, and a large working area means maximum versatility and flexibility which in turn helps us provide the speed, technology, and top of the line service that we’re all about."