American Standard Circuits Acquires a New EMMA Flying Probe Electrical Tester

February 7, 2017

565_C.jpgAmerican Standard Circuits CEO Anaya Vardya announced that his company has purchased a new EMMA Flying Probe (model E4M6151) Electrical Tester.

This model is a high-speed prober from Microcraft’s new EMMA generation, developed for testing denser and complex PCBs with high-speed and high-accuracy. This includes a hi-pot test feature. This purchase is representative of American Standard Circuits continued effort to be the most complete PCB solution of any independent PCB fabricator in North America. Their dedication to providing their customers with the fastest high-technology solution is exemplified by the more than $2.5 million of equipment they have purchased in the past 18 months.

Vardya commented, “We are going full speed ahead towards our goal of providing our customers with a complete custom printed circuit board solution and this acquisition is another example of that. We are focused on adding/upgrading technology in every facet of PCB manufacturing. We are determined to make our customers’ lives easier by being one of the few independent PCB fabricators in North America to provide a complete portfolio of technology solutions.”