American Standard Circuits Acquires Lenz Router

February 26, 2019

PCB fabricator American Standard Circuits (ASC) recently acquired the RLG 550-2 routing machine from Lenz.

“This new RLG-550-2 routing equipment improves our controlled depth milling process which is critical in rigid-flex manufacturing. The Lenz router is a camera-based system that enables scaling optimization. The spindle speeds and micro-lubrication systems facilitate routing/drilling thick metal-backed and metal-core substrates, which is important in allowing us to service our IMPCB and RF metal backed customers,” says Anaya Vardya, president and CEO of ASC. “This is a machine that performs so well, and at such speed, that it will also improve our process time. This is a critical attribute that helps us to continue to offer our customers quick turn-around services on our high-technology products such as flex and rigid flex PCBs.”