American Standard Circuits Acquires Accusystems V-Scoring Machine

May 23, 2018

American Standard Circuits has recently acquired and installed a new Accusystems Accu-Score AS-150 Max V-scoring machine.

CEO and president Anaya Vardya said, “We have upgraded our existing Accu-Score machine to score metal and acquired a second Accu-Score machine that is already capable of scoring metal along with more traditional materials. This brings the number of scoring machines to three, all equipped to score metal and traditional materials. Since our metal backed business is steadily growing this was a much-needed acquisition for American Standard Circuits. The new machine is at least 50% more productive than our current Accu-Score machine which allows us to speed up production tremendously.”

The Accu-Score AS-150-MAX V-Scoring Machine is designed to score continuous and segmented ("jump") v-grooves on one or both sides of any type of PC board substrate. Designed from an operators view-point, the Accu-Score AS-150 series machines are easy to program and set-up due to their Windows environment and ergonomic design. High throughput is achieved through innovative design and high-performance components.