ASC views a strong ITAR compliance program as a key part of its strategy to become a global leader in PCB manufacturing for the Military & Aerospace market.

ASC’s ITAR Compliance program includes the following components:

  • A well-defined ITAR business process for handling transfers of ITAR data
  • Secure systems for controlling access to ITAR-sensitive data
  • Secure storage of ITAR-controlled documents
  • High-level commitment to continuous ITAR program development

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International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of US government regulations that controls the export and import of defense-related material and services.
ITAR specifically restricts the trade of defense articles and services listed on the United States Munitions List. These items include:

  • Defense Articles (items designed or modified for military or space applications)
  • Technical Data
  • Services

ASC is one of the few North American manufacturers offering total printed circuit manufacturing solutions. Unlike our smaller North American competitors, ASC has the people, systems and business infrastructure to meet the demands of large US Military & Aerospace customers who require:

  • Professional Application Engineering Support
  • Local US-based plants offering Quick-turn, Prototype, and Production manufacturing services
  • FR4, Polyimide, High-speed / Low-loss, RF / Microwave, Mixed Dielectric, Flex, Rigid-flex, RF Metal Backed, IMPCB, Metal Core Technologies
  • Broad experience servicing Military & Aerospace customers
  • Available production capacity in our facility

To transfer your ITAR data please e-mail your data to or for specific instructions.