Welcome to ASC, Inc., the ideal PCB manufacturer for todayís electronics industry. ASC Inc. has earned a solid reputation as a reliable source for printed circuit boards. Our focus is to provide PCBs for research and development as well as production requirements for business today.

Why ASC, Inc.?

We have the unique ability to adjust to the ever changing schedule in business today. Our flexibility is the key to saving your company time and money in the manufacturing cycle. From prototype to production, the ASC team will supply a quality product on time. ASC wants to establish a long term relationship with you and your company. We will be ready when needed. ASC is a reliable manufacturer that will be serving the electronics industry for many years to come.


Our Technology

ASC makes intricate single material as well as hybrid (combination of materials) circuits on Teflon, Woven Teflon, Thermoset materials, cyanate Ceramics, Polyimide, Getek, BT and Cyanate Esters, FR4, FR406 and FR408 materials. It has processing capability for very high volume jobs as well as specialized prototype low volume customers.


Our Quality

We take pride in the work we do. Our program is dynamic with a focus on continuous improvement aimed at customer satisfaction. We are utilizing several tools including DOE and statistical analysis to assist us in our goals. We have Six Sigma Black Belts on our staff and have begun training our engineers as Green Belts.



Vice President of Business Development and Technical Sales David Lackey is the company's resident guru when it comes to flex and rigid-flex technology. I recently sat down with him to discuss the technology and its importance to American Standardís growth and industry growth in general.



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